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Author:  risingofchaos [ 25 Apr 2018, 07:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Hey Folks

Welcome to the midweek update where we look at the weekend ahead and deal with any problems that we might have. This weekend we have a double weekender epic and it's problems are pretty straight forwards. Needs more crew please. Let me know by Thursday night if you are along!

If you are along at the weekend be aware of the weather which looks like this:
So some rain on Sunday

Equally Weekenders - Bring us up to speed with the following answers - Even if you aren't along to the event some of them may apply to you:
Larper Need Lift
Larper go debrief
Larper Need Sleepy Space

I think that is the excitement of the midweek updates

Stay Safe Kids


Author:  risingofchaos [ 30 Apr 2018, 09:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Hello Folks!

Welcome to the five day wait for some more RoC. I'll start today by welcoming back some old friends who have been missed over the last few years in the shape of Paul and Nyssa! It was really good to see you again and I am looking forward to seeing you out and about again soon. This weekend was phenomenal and left me properly worn out, for very good reasons, so it was aces to get up a little bit later and see lots of positive froth in the feed and lots of messages praising the game and the crew. Thanks for that people :-)

Saturday was the long day, we knew it was going to be a lot of hours and we went for it: From the return to Mercy to the Grove in Kartifexes Lodge it was a good run. There's a lot to say an dpeople are saying it but my standouts have to be - My beta and his interaction with Hoelbraek, Tsubadai et al was properly involved, obviously Valyars Eye, the Zoranethi and D'Lunis was excellent as were the Elestrom and the punishment they meted out. Even more so was the reaction of the players to everything. I haven't got room for Sting Rillet! Frikkin' aces day.

Sunday came and I wasn't sure what we were going to do, the Saturday had been really good and it was our first day back in Ebedur for an age. But: From the opening moments in the caverns of the Mountain and then scouting into the Knifeye Daughters and the Hunting Horrors (with all of the nope) it felt like it was going to be aces. I loved the Winter Kuldisar of Arish Helm, being a great guy as Lieutenant Kragge was wonderful and then all of the big reveals. Who Shiir Tzan was, the broken story, more about the mountains and it just went on. The final ritual was tip top - Just all of it - Felt like family leaving home for the first time when people had to return to the Basin even though people stayd behind. Loved it.

So you may have noticed that I really liked the weekend, I had a rock and roll time not just larping but also with the people that I love. None of this could have happened without the absolute commitment of my volunteer crew team. To you folks goes my absolute and complete appreciation, thanks and love. That means you: Matt Hussey, Elizabeth Kefford and Anthony Gunfield who did both days and you Paul O'Neill and John Swarz who were there Saturday and Sunday respectively. You were brilliant and so was I. The tentage did a good job too!

Equally we wouldn't be where we are without the constant help of the people that give up their time so freely in the week, like Jon Wickenden who is behind me putting kit away as we speak. So to these folks we doff our caps and offer thanks: Simone Hibbert, Mike Roberts, Pete Walls, Elizabeth Kefford and many others. The fact that you are willing to give up your time for the rest of the system is gratefully appreciated, especially by me!!

So that was last week, let's take a look at the upcoming endeavour:

Both days will be excellent if the rest of what we have done this year is anything to go by but I am aware that some of our dedicated crew are playing. With that in mind it would be great to get some volunteers along to help them out and let them play

Saturday sees the clergy take the field

Whilst Sunday sees us in the field for an Egarian adventure

This week, well, I'll be doing a load of work which is super beneficial for you and writing two more events. All praise the hard working system head and through all that I will be here if you need me.

Have a Foxes and Crows week people, I look forward to seeing a whole load of you next weekend and bumping into even more of you between now and then.

Much is the Love People
Take Care of Each Other

Author:  risingofchaos [ 02 May 2018, 05:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Hey People,

Welcome to the midweek update where we look at any issues that are facing us for the weekend ahead. We'll start with the Saturday Priestly excursion which needs some more crew and it's an event that has some of our dedicated crew on it so it would be great to see them being able to play!

Sunday is a return to Egaria and is looking a little light on players and crew, let's make this happen, again because people who spend a lot of time making your system happen are hoping to play the game.

If you are along the weather looks like this
So warm and a bit sunny - yay

As ever the following questions apply
Larper need lift
Larper go debrief
Larper need sleepy space

That's all from me

Stay Safe Kids


Author:  risingofchaos [ 07 May 2018, 09:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Hello folks!

Welcome to the twelve day wait for more RoC which I imagine, for those of you that did the weekend, is eleven days too many! It was great to see so many folks out in the woods again this week and it was particularly excellent to see Nyssa Stevens and Sara Walls back with us and larping it up like they had never been away :-) It was warm, it was hot and sunny, we larped till the sun was setting and we built tent villages. For those who know: We also rediscovered the Dirigible area and evented there again. It was glorious.

We run a lot of good games. People come back off of the weekends and froth in the debrief and talk about the system with glee. Every weekend we strive to provide something that players and volunteers alike will love and every so often, no matter how good the others were, one weekend just turns into an epic that will live in the memory of the players for long days to come. This weekend was one of those weekends.

For once though I am struggling to find the words to tell you about the last two days of Vaklamian history, maybe it's because the weekend left me feeling like I just did three Forts, maybe it's because I used all my words at the weekend. I don't know. I will go and get a coffee and then I'll give it a try:

Saturday was a battle to write and set up but was totally worth it: 4am starts and 2am finishes led us to this beautiful tent village in the sunshine and a whole slice of the living and breathing world of RoC was suddenly with us. It was like being at a Tharinos, suddenly; the politics and then the eventing, rolling the hard six, massive theological debates, the most intense combats I have seen in an age and then the final heroics as two of Vaklams finest wrote their names into the history books and left a great hole in our hearts.

I can't express my pride and delight at the continued progression of this ancient system, how much more immersive we make it each week, the evolution of the writing styles and the DPC's, the standard of kit and pacing of events. All that really came through with my hard working volunteer crew and the willingness of the players to hold up their part of the unspoken pact between crew and player to be involved, run with the game and evolve alongside it. This weekend just made it feel like we had reached another plateau of the game and the best thing is that I keep on saying that!

Sunday gave us the rediscovery of the dirigible area and there we set up the camps of the Malharans, the Egarians and eventually the Octactinal Order. Demonstrating the range of other cultures beyond the Royal Basin has been a pleasure to write events around and Sunday was a great example of that. It was also a complete change of pace from Saturday and balanced politics and investigation with the overall concern of the backdrop of war and the continued threat that our enemies pose no matter which corner of the world we happen to be poking at. The players handled the day perfectly and managed a perfect outcome from a very challenging day, they even got 18% off!

How will this weekend be remembered? Will it be remembered as the day the Frozen North was lost? Will it be remembered for the Baroness spurning the proposals of the family Eahain? Will they say that this was the day that the Clergy turned their back on the Eleven because of the Heresy that is The Seventear? N'ah. They will say that these were the days that Abraham Wingates, Primus of the Faiths, Hero of Delve and Master of the Azure Table stood with Aden of Naed, Champion of the Dragon, Crooked Guardian and Legend of the Line against a timeless foe. They will say that they drew a line and called on their brothers and sisters of the faith to step up to it.

They will tell stories of Mirelle Silverlight, Kali Flametower, Ahzek Tizka, Thaddeus Kael, Edgar Vardis, Johan Korso and Timor Kurth who answered that call and entered into battle alongside their comrades against the Devourer and his darkest generals to save the heart of Bonespire. From the dust of that battle none stirred but the healers walked among them and restored their lives. Save two who will not walk among those who lives that they have saved again. This will be remembered as the day the Mountain opened to receive its heart and its soul.

So there you go! None of this would have been possible without the continued support of the hard working volunteers of the crew team. This week they worked super hard and turned the events into the wonderful experiences that they were. So ALL of the thanks to the brilliant individuals that, if they feel anything like I do, must believe that they have run three forts in a row: Hat's off to you, stand up and take your bows and hear the deserved applause of all those that you made feel so outstanding:

Elizabeth Kefford and Matt Warwick, my two day heroes - Thank you so much. Then to Jon Wickenden, John Swarz, Jack Padley, Paul O'Neill, Martin Dewhurst, Nyssa Stevens and Matt Hussey.
Your names should be in lights and they most certainly are in my heart.

Then of course we speak of the other unsung heroes, those that pack the crates and scrub the kit clean, do your paperwork, address your downtimes and make your score sheets. There are a lot of them and they only get mentioned here so if you haven't already offer them your thanks: Miker Roberts, Pete Walls, Elizabeth Kefford, Jon Wickenden, Gary Llewellyn, Matt Warwick, Matt Hussey and Simone Hibbert are the names that spring immediately to mind. Much love to you great heroes and I hope you know how much I appreciate everything that you do to help the system.

Ok so that was last week and this weekend I am having a weekend off but after that we have two events as per standard that you should all be booking in for:

The Saturday is the Lycan Event as, apparently, all the Lycans get together and head off on some damn fool idealistic crusade in the name of Kren Daer. Apparently people want me to play Jack Spears, which would require there being a ref, a second ref and a whole stack of crew and I'll need to know what I am writing about and for this week. So if you want me to play etc.

The Sunday event focuses on the story tellers of our world as the House of the Last Word take the battle against the Octactinal Order to the streets. This is going to be a rock and roller weekend with the culmination being this. If you want to get your vigilante on this is where you want to be.

On top of that we have the upcoming Forts and I really need to get going on that so if you are along can you start booking in for more of what we did this last weekend gone:

Ok so that was a very long Monday Morning Message! Can we all remember that it is shop order day today and Downtime week please. I'll be working on events, New Manual stuff, Bulceephar updates and all manner of chiz in the next couple of weeks.

If you need me I am here, don't hesitate to call if you need me.

So have a Foxes and Crows week people, I look forward to seeing an absolute bus load of you the weekend after next and bumping into even more of you between now and then.

Thank you once again my magnificent crew.

Take Care of Each Other


Author:  risingofchaos [ 14 May 2018, 07:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Morning All,

This is just a quick update on a Monday Morning after our weekend off but only 5 more days till RoC! This week just gone has been real life busy as much as cleaning up from the previous weekend and at the moment the office is just me so everything is much slower! We are going to be, sadly continuously slow this week: I have to take another day to deal with all the deaths in the family stuff today which means that I only have four days to get your RoC work done:

With two events a couple of hundred downtimes and other general tasks I am going to be pushed to achieve everything so I ask you to wait patiently! The events will be taking priority but I hope to get the direct downtimes that have precedence for this weekend done as well. Equally the shop orders were many and some deeply complicated which have so far taken a day a and half with some still outstanding.

So after explaining that if there are any able volunteers for the orifice this week do let me know!

This weekend we have the potential of a couple of cracking events - Saturday is looking good for crew so if you want to come out and kick off the Lycan Story feel free to book in - It's been 18 years in the making and its about time someone went and did it :D

Sunday could do with more bodies as we seek to run an event for Matt Husseys Birthday - Stayth Leaf battling and being heroes awaits

And the Forts please

So there we go

I am here if you need me people

Have a Foxes and Crows week people, I look forward to seeing an awful lot of you at the weekend and running into even more of you between now and then.

Take Care of Each Other


Author:  risingofchaos [ 16 May 2018, 05:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Hello all,

How you all doing? Welcome to the mid-week update where we look at the problems and solutions to the coming weekend: It's been a nightmare for a very personal event this weekend with people dipping in and out and the event onto its third full re-write. I still have to get Sunday finished and I haven't had time to really start downtimes - sorry all. This weekend seems to be properly cursed.

Let's look at Saturday first - It all looks good now with sufficient crew and the players that were out back in. I am not sure if I am going to find the time to get everything sorted enough to plat but there we go. If any more people want to play feel free but I won't be doing any more direct writing for you. The crew readings so far is super positive so it should be a chippper Saturday.

Sunday next - Matt Husseys birthday event and we are looking good for numbers; if there are any more bards or Stayth leaf investigators that want in now is the time to say - Crew numbers are high and we will have an excellent event for you:

If you are along the weekend looks like this
So Warm - There will be tents on site so if you want to bring a chair to sit down through the sitty down bits then please do so.

This week the first de-brief will be at Alex and Nats after the event so please bring BBQ food and drinks or get them afterwards.

My House is already full with the putting up of Craig, Tom, Andy, Sean and Dave so if you are a Larper that needs sleepy space can you please post up asap and we'll see what we can do.

If you are coming to the Sunday event and the debrief please post up and say so

If you need lifts to the site or to the debriefs please post up and so.
On that note I will have 1 car, I think and 6 people and kit at mine on Sat and 5 on Sun - Stick driving will help with the kit - Additional car(s) would help.

Thanks for your patience people - I will be with your downtimes asap but the events come first.

Stay Safe Kids


Author:  risingofchaos [ 21 May 2018, 13:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Good Morning All,

Welcome to the five day wait for more RoC and what looks to be a glorious week. This weekend we welcomed along another couple of new peeps so we'll start by saying a big hello to Steph and a welcome back to Andy who were aces on their first weekend, looking forward to seeing more of you in the months to come.

I don't know about anyone else but I am absolutely wasted from the weekend but extremely impressed with how the events panned out. The incredible amount of time and energy that went into the writing and prep for the Lycan event was evident with us writing more for that than we did for Tharinos I think. The team that went out picking up that part of the plot was very good to see but then both days were super personal events aimed directly into the hearts of the characters.

Saturday was always going to take some time to get swinging after the "box of prophecy" was opened, which looked aces by the way. Reactions to those were pretty sweet and it really felt good to get the game moving in that way; having a grail diary for the story is cool. Sunday really tugged on the heart strings with Patryck Stones, for those that know him, doing trying to do the noble thing before the players saved the day.

Overall I think it went tremendously well and I got to be part of and witness some memorable moments of game: Jack's ranting about the ills of the world, being packed into the group as out outnumbered knot of heroes tried to break through the Drakenvold, that was cool. "Get that guy" was pretty cool. Sunday felt really personal between the VGC and the players, especially when it seemed like they had lost. Turning things around on the day was a massive feel good and I loved the way that it went with the planning and the action.

Anyway - Yes that really was a good weekend and it would never have happened without the resolute volunteering of Sam Blincoe, Steph Warren, Dave Dulieu x 2, Sean Campbell x 2, Tom Knight x 2, Andrew Threadgold x 2, Matt Warwick, Nyssa Stevens, Matt Hussey, Shirley Austin, Aiden Bradley, Ed Owen Jones, Jack Padley and Elizabeth Kefford. Special thanks there to Sam, Ed and Elizabeth who received high praise for their second reffing efforts across the weekend when I was properly knackered.

Along with those weekend heroes there are those that helped out throughout the week, behind the scenes who deserve all the hugs that the weekend folk received so to: Mike Roberts, Simone Hibbert, Elizabeth Kefford, Jon Wickenden and Craig Beadnall you am all be wonderful heroes and deserve all of the love and praise that I can afford.

So that was last week and this is next:
Saturday is a day of diplomacy

Sunday is a day for the low enders it would seem!

And there is the Forts

Ok - Once again there is more work to do here than can be done and the office is non-staffed so if there are any volunteers that would be great.

I am always here if you need me folks.

Have a Foxes and Crows week, I look forward to seeing a whole load of you next weekend and bumping into even more of you between now and then.

Take Care of Each Other


Author:  risingofchaos [ 23 May 2018, 00:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Hello, Hello!

Welcome to the mid week update where we will take a look at the weekend ahead an look at any problems that we might be facing and what we need to do to fix them. We'll start with the diplomatic fun of Sat - Basically all set player wise but zero mchero volunteers. Given the week I have ahead of me I will not be writing unless I have at least some crew by Wednesday evening

Sunday is a low end generic with Wyldy overtones which will be refereed by the young Anthony Gunfield who, like the ref on the day before him, really needs some crew. Thursday for some crew or we will call it nix on this day as well.

Let's say we are coming along and I'll say the weather looks like this:
So really exciting

If you are along there are some clear questions that we need to answer........like......
Larper need drivey seat to Site?
Larper need Drivey seat to debrief?
Larper go debrief?
Larper need sleepy space?

Really need some crew people

Much is the love


Author:  risingofchaos [ 28 May 2018, 08:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Good Morning,

Welcome to the Twelve day wait for more RoC and some well deserved rest for the hard working volunteers, at least the ones that run around the woods. The weekend was a warm one but it certainly seemed to go well but before we get into that I'd like to take the opportunity to welcome on board James Green to the gang; you slotted in beautifully, despite being a newbie to the game and to LARP in general. I'd also like to toast the introduction of cards against Vaklamity, well done to Stick for making it, there was much crying with laughter around the table last night.

Saturday saw us go to, what is becoming, the regular summit event where we touch on the action of the other nations of Daer Akmir. Members of the Golden Table and a handful of their compatriots made their way to Kern and addressed the issues of the alliance. The back and forth was tremendous although the heat was a killer and the few actions scene s really seemed to slot in well. It really is a rewarding aspect of the game that I am glad is flourishing.

Sunday took the group to Devils Wood answering calls of local townsfolk facing terror in the form of killers dressed in the skin of beasts. A journey around the heartland brought the discovery of five abandoned Altars alongside the local Grove of the Heavy Antlered Stag and encounters with the Kulthik Thorn. The investigations soon revealed a vital past and rebel members of the Creeping Vine and sleeping Myrrigun as our new Ritualists discovered some purchase for the growth of the Tao once more in the Basin.

As ever the weekend couldn't happen without the diligence and hard work of my crew and this week I would like to give special thanks to Anthony Gunfield and Simone Hibbert who did some reffing for me on Sunday and of course my super praise to the rest of the weekend crew: Elizabeth Kefford, Matt Warwick, James Woods, Rhyss Noble and James Green. You made a very tired and broken refs life much easier and I couldn't be prouder of all the efforts that you made. You listened hard and then you crewed hard, you did tremendously well especially in the face of the hate of the mighty Sky Furnace. I'd like to add bonus thanks to Simone, Elizabeth and James for the use of their gaff for the post event BBQ and debrief, wonderful stuff guys.

So that was last week and as we know there is no next week as I am not here. I am also not going to be here this week, I am going away. I will be back when I feel I can. However the following weekend will be the following events

Saturday - A wandering in the Rice Empire

Sunday - The wanderings of Thaddeus kael

And if you want to book into the Forts the stuff is on the forums here and the Thursday will go up today before I leave

For once - If you need me I will not be around unless you really, really need me in which case phoning me is for the best. If that is the case I will do what I can to rally myself and be there for you.

So Have a foxes and Crows week people, I hope that you all get to spend a lot of time together over the weekend and bump into each other between now and then.

Take Care of Each Other


Author:  risingofchaos [ 04 Jun 2018, 09:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Good Morning Everyone,

Welcome to the five day wait for more RoC - Last weekend we didn't have an event, instead it was the stag do of our erstwhile ref Mister Robin Hyde. A pleasant time was had by all and it was good to catch up even if we did play 14 hours of Eldritch Horror and lose. Last week, as well, I was away and not a great deal happened in the office so this week is largely playing catch up.

We'll be putting through shop orders that come through today and updating Character packs as well as prepping for the weekend. We'll also be trawling through the Forums and making updates that we need to but with the Forts coming up lots of the dedication of our work needs to be pushed in that direction. Massive thanks to Mike Roberts, Anthony Gunfield and the few others that kept a few things ticking over last week whilst I was away and to those that supported me whilst things were particularly rubbish.

This weekend we have the following events coming up:

Sat - A Rice Empire Return

Sun - A Priestly Epic - With Egarian stuffs

And the Forts, sort yourself out for the Forts and pay me!

I am back now so if you do need me I'll make time and help if I can.

In the meantime: Have a Foxes and Crows week people, I look forward to seeing a load of you at the weekend and bumping into even more of you between now and then.

Take care of each other


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