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 Post subject: Re: Weekly Message
PostPosted: 16 Jan 2019, 07:15 
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Hey Wonderful People,

I hope that message finds you in fine form, fetlock and fettle and that you had an excellent weekend wherever you were and whatever you were doing. RoC was a great place to be this weekend, at least according the debriefers although I am certainly feeling the fact that I had December off and that we fight a lot in RoC. We definitely need to get back into the swing of things as there was a fair bit of hanging around but we will smooth that out for next week. That aside I would like to welcome aboard a new face in the form of Kim Ward who helped make the game a lot of fun: So what happened?

Saturday took us further down the rabbit hole of the Genritters story arc with a visit to Bikkersburg as the search for an Augerust continued. The story delved into the history of the Order of The Grand Star, the earliest days of Genritter and the Vochi family. It was a pretty good day with my preferred moments being all of the investigation to be honest. I particularly enjoyed the role of Ser Bikkeran de Fayre and the students, these moments were most enjoyable as well as seeing a lot of old friends for the first time this year.

Sunday wandered us, finally, to the dramatic conclusion of the Zeeyada story arc which led us to the origin story of the time flitting villain that has been plaguing the crew for so many months. It was a tear jerker. Without the presence of a lot of the original players, for many real life reasons, we had to think on the fly but we pulled it off well. I really want the players to tell the story so I’ll leave it to them but for me the outstanding moments were the players finding the temple of Mercy in ruin, the revelation of what had happened to an old friend and of course, the arrival of Kim’s NPC with the Gods Child of the players……. Oh the sadness.

As ever we really couldn’t do that without the aid of the wonderful, brilliant and thoroughly hard working volunteers of RoC! This weekends hearty pat on the back goes to: Matt Hussey, Matt Warwick, Jack Padley, my good self and Kim Ward (all twice) with Dave Dulieu and Kevin Pothecary for the extra mitts on Saturday! You really helped keep 2019 going with a good start, it is all change and we are doing really, really well. Of course you are not the only ones!

Behind the scenes the following folk have been working hard and fast to get the new system ready for playtesting, get the downtimes done and keep you packs and the like up to date. This weeks selfless heroes are as follows: Pete Walls, Mike Roberts, Simone Hibbert, Gary Llewellyn, Jon Wickenden, Matt Hussey, Matt Warwick and Jack Padley. Thank you all for your continuing support and your dedication to making the game press forward with new ideas and new formats keeping the game fresh and fun.

Special mention this week to Craig Beadnall who has been constantly helping out with technical skills and general support for me and therefore your game. He is being deployed to sea as we speak and we will miss him greatly. Bon Voyage amigo.

So that was last week and this is next!

Saturday takes us to into a tale of heresy and wickedness as we explore the plot arc of the Purgers of Heresy, the family line of Lubilianka and the Shadowblood Castle as we continue the gear up for the first fort plot. If we carry on like this it should be a corker but will certainly need more crew!

Sunday whisks us into a Kuldisar related story that is a bit of a late booking but nonetheless I have been convinced to do it! Have a read, should be good, will need crew

People are now paying me and I think we have about 7 playing places on for the first fort so get booking folks!

And there we go! Bookings for February are up and people are starting to plug in for games, we have a lot of people interested in signing up with the new system so we will put up the playtesting date asap. I have to go and put away the larp room and finish getting it ready for this year, I’ll leave you with that!

Have a Foxes and Crows week people, I look forward to seeing a whole load of you at the weekend and bumping into even more of you between now and then.

Take Care of Each Other

Much Love


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