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Author:  risingofchaos [ 26 Nov 2013, 10:38 ]
Post subject:  Weekly Message

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope this message finds you in fine fetlock and fettle; sorry I didn’t get round to this yesterday I was packing away ALL of the kit! Well that was a great weekend and I am back in the office now feeling much better than I did all weekend. So without further ado let me critique the weekend and give out my thanks where appropriate.

Something Borrowed represented the busiest RoC event that we have ever run; there were fifty people at the event in total which, for us, means that the insurance limit was reached. We will be upping the insurance numbers for next year’s events so that we can have the extra’s along! We spent a lot, it showed; The Bar, the gypsy camp, “The Device”, all things looked excellent, better than anything we have put on show before or, in fact than I have seen before. Before I start with the massive praise that everyone deserves for what was one of the top end events, in fact best for some people, events that we have run let me tell you what, quite frankly, what I took away from that as your system head:

Firstly do more to combat sickness and take at least one other of the senior ref team with me into the game. Craig and Simone did an excellent job trying to achieve what I was telling them to do whilst I was chucking up my guts and shivering in a corner but without a senior ref there were certain dynamic decisions that were difficult to make. This led to the event not running as advertised; we didn’t use as much of the site as I had intended to although this was somewhat compensated for by the use of the bar. The parade ground was made unusable when we wanted to use it by the fact that the horse people apparently have more rights to use the bits of the Fort that we pay for than we do. Had I been more with it I would have coped with that.

The event was advertised to run with a sequence of plot enhancing stories that would leave the plots able to advance in the mainstream games. Obviously we reached only minor success here and the stories that did run tended to take almost everyone with them, we need to sort that out. I also, very clearly, need to change standard policies to state that if people choose to leave the site for 3-4 hours of the event they need to inform the System Head that they are going: Let’s gloss over the Fire Hazard reasons but when people are waiting for them to play on an event and runners are being sent to look for them it would have been nice to know where they were. In future I will just bite the bullet and we will run without them.

So that is not why the event was bad, because the vent was not bad but I think that with the evolution of the game I have a lot to learn. Managing thirty people efficiently is a lot different to managing fifty people efficiently apparently but I will certainly learn to do that. So that is what I got from that as a system Head, let’s look at why that was a great game.

Firstly the effort that had gone into writing the event and building props was very clear; the crew began working on the event proper some six-ten weeks before we began the arduous task of building that bar. That is alongside their jobs and the fact that RoC itself runs up to 4 days of any normal week. To have produced what they did was pretty phenomenal: Making Automaton masks, prepping and then flatpacking all of the furniture for the bar, cleaning all the bottles and then relabeling them for the Vaklamian touch. Selecting the props for the bar, preparing the costumes and the kits that would make the NPC’s look like player characters. Then there was the writing that went into the NPC briefs so that we could politic properly with so many new end crew. This backdrop created an excellent vista for the event before the first sword was ever drawn or the first word spoken.

The game, I think, flowed very well: We had the initial introduction to the story followed by dinner but after that it seemed to work itself very well around the natural fort hiatuses that take place. This was entirely down to the selfless determination of your crew to make the event work. They were short a number of key people who let them down at the last minute but they worked tirelessly. They were there as the NPC’s you needed at all times whilst somehow also being there to crew the bad guys for you or to ref areas. Whatever I asked them to do they did, quickly and efficiently each one RoC’d out of their skin. They certainly seemed to make the overarching Wedding theme run very nicely and they did very well each time we had to move into the preferable Ad-Lib territory of the game which is a lot more often than you think.

The set dressing speaks for itself so I won’t dwell on it but the atnmosphere was excellent; the majority of people that have spoken to me have said that the Dangling Monk and the Gypsy Camp gave the boost that took everyone into a new roleplaying dynamic. That is aces because that is what we were going for. Not sure what we will do next year! Equally opinion was that the story let you get involved in the politic of RoC or the den of iniquity side of it or anything really. Again – That is what we were going for. Right – Anyways:

Crew – You were beyond outstanding: You all played the NPC’s to the hilt, fetched and carried, assembled things, fought like lions, sat in the cold and everything else you are supposed to do. Not to mention all of the crew meetings and writing that you had to do. Especially thanks to all of you for looking after me and each other when we were all suffering.

Craig – Excellent work keeping the crew room running, reffing, co-reffing and generally keeping everything going without sleep and whilst feeling crook. Especially well done when the whole thing teetered on us being able to cope with an entirely unexpected turn of events.

Simone – Good job being the leader of the crewing pack; Hukerethianing it up, taking the reigns when they were given to you. Great job pre event making all the symbols and signs and prepping up bits and bobs. Again despite illness you took over God and made Sunday as good as it was.

Matt Hussey – Playing the guitar, making a bar, making automaton heads, fighting hard, coming up with ideas, not giving up when you were ill and tired and being an example to us all with your tireless nature.

Matt Warwick – Again with the bar, she really was your baby when she arrived; making all those bottles for the bar and your attention to detail. Crewing all the way through without complaint and really throwing yourself into the role of Takkervelly Jinx 

Neil Gunfield – You are a hero in a dress: after a late start you picked up the slack straight away and really did us all proud at the gypsy camp and then as Lord Tolvior. I’ll say this a lot in a minute but being relatively new is a massive learning curve at the Fort. You took it very well.

Shirley Wynne – Pretty much green in RoC but you played, probably, the most realistic noblewoman I have ever seen and won the hearts of the players. You also fed us in the crew room without complaint and acted as our own personal physio’s as the injuries surfaced. You kept us motoring!

Alasdair Docker – From start to finish a sterling performance; the Lord was great and again as a very new RoCer you took it all in your stride. It was great to see Reyniold finally get to stab someone up on Sunday morning vs the purifiers!

Rich Ayres – You keep telling me you can’t roleplaying but you managed, again, to pull of the roles that I gave you as well as doing the business as any Hukerethian we gave you. It’s a long weekend for any crewman but you were always there doing the do!

Adrian Smith – wow: Second time in RoC? That did not show at all – How good were you as the creepiest most blatant bad guy in all the lands? You worked as hard as any old schooler and if you want to come down and play you can sleep at my house.

Kevin Pothecary – You did not want to be there on Thurs/Fri night but you manned the fuck up and came along to help us out anyways. You helped build the bar, you drove the bar there and when you were there you did everything you could to make the event work. You are a good man.

Dave Hayward and Emma Crawford – Great to see you back Dave and welcome on board Emma; sorry it was so busy in the crew room but certainly thanks for your efforts. You certainly made the Gypsy camp a lot brighter Emma; Dave you freaked everyone out as Tarquin, he was very much hated…..

Simon Boyle and Alistair Craggs – Rejuventauion of crew on the Sunday was much needed and although you did not get to fight we couldn’t have got that last scene finished without you. Equally packing away would have probably killed us without your energy.

Special super duper thanks to Cameron McAllister for working through the night to get the Device made up (A short film of the Device will be put up later for those that missed it). And to Rich Hall for getting us the monkey out of dodge in the Luton. Also all thanks to Gary Llewellyn for providing Bar signs, Pirate Flags and some Incanta direction.

Highlights for me then:

Dancing in the Crew room

Watching the Dangling Monk unfold: People gamblind, wheeler dealing, setting up shrines, everything, everything and realising that we had prepped so well and created such a good environment that I was, in fact, not needed to be there. Success!

Fighting Through smoke filled corridors as Rudolph was rescued from a pirate ship

Players watching the device with awe

The players preventing a Daemon summoning and then completing it themselves.

Everything about Sunday: From the purifiers and the Ekimelahwians going to war to the response of the players to the back of the Purifier as I walked away from them. The way the players built an altar from my bar and it looked wicked along with how amazing the impromptu weddings looked. You should have looked at it players it looked aces.

So much more but that will be discussed and I have waffled for long enough. In short great event but it could have been greater and we will learn for next time. Still absolutely, mind blowingly Aces as demonstrated by all of the praise from everyone everywhere I am looking.

This week I will be sorting out the bookings for Dec, prepping for the banquet and sorting out scoring for the weekend just gone. The banquet full details will be announced asap but I know you all want to play it is just finding out as who. The sooner you can pay me the £20 or £25 with wine for it the better please. Also don’t forget the RoC social the week after – We’d love to see everyone at it.

I am sure I have more to say but 2,000 words on a Week opening blurb is probably more than enough. Have a foxes and Crows Week and I look forward to bumping into some of you between now and then.


Author:  risingofchaos [ 04 Dec 2013, 08:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Good Morning Campers,

I hope that this morning’s post finds you in fine fetlock and fettle. Personally my knees have seen better days and my back hates me but other than that we are all good. The events this weekend were most pleasing, especially given the state of the crew after the Fort event last week, as they were barely able to stand up on Saturday. However; a great return to Ebedur on Saturday, good to see Mr Blincoe back in the game and, again, congratulations to him on his marriage! Massive thanks to Robin for the finale of saving the Ferns on Sunday it was an outstanding mini series of events and ended well and in great victory. For those that were not there I will put a post up on the new Forums so that we can all share in that.

None of the great games that took place this weekend would have occurred, of course, without the crew and refs that bring us these stories so to those men and women my noble thanks and humble appreciation: Robin Hyde (Ref), Ed Owen Jones, Jamie Shipston, Simone Hibbert, Matt Hussey, Craig Beadnall, Simone Hibbert and Gideon Lawrence big Huzzahs!

Last week we wrote and ran two events and we also put away and washed a load of the kit from the Fort. There was also a period of recovery; four maybe five hours and we had two meetings: The first was a refs meeting that covered the wrap up for this year’s plots and stories and prepared us for the next year, it also covered a wide gamut of character and players issues, praise and direction for the future. There will be changes to the event format and bookings for next year as we continue to attempt to streamline the system and not kill me on which note the following Event Refs are gladly promoted into the System Team: Ed Owen Jones (SVOFP), Craig Beadnall (RRDBC) and Matt Hussey (THKIA) which makes your ref crew now ten strong. The Second Meeting covered the scoring from the Forts including your influence awards, piety changes, Kinship and so forth increases as well as any major bits and pieces that we noticed occurring that needed to be reported to me and the acted on. Happy to get those out to you over the week.

This week we will continue to sort through the kit, clean up the aftermath of the Fort and assess how well the character packs are holding up and push forward with those. The latest guild handouts and rules are still processing through and you will start to see the v.9.0’s of those appearing as we hit the new year. We are all very excited. January bookings thread is open on the Forums on which note can everyone please keep signing up to them or you really will have trouble downloading the new rules as they come out. We will also be organising the website meetings to get that side of things rolling.

This weekend we have the Christmas banquet, which is ramping up to 50 odd people and should not be missed! There is talk of venison. Also two events as follows – Sign up asap for all three so we can incorporate you all into what we are doing:
Friday Banquet

Saturday Helgath Event

Sunday Wicked bad Clergy based Extravaganza (Great Blurb apparently)

So that’s me for this week I guess although I am sure that I have forgotten something! Oh yes – It’s Gary’s Birthday at the end of the month and it would be aces if we could gather to celebrate with the oldest and wisest of Larpers in all the lands, he has had a hard year in which he has larped little and not played since his birthday last year. Equally the RoC Socials:

The Quiz

And The Trip to see the Hobbit

Should be booked into en masse so that we can actually enjoy some time together outside of the realms of Hukerethians, Blue Fire Prophets, Daemons and Zoranethi, not Dragons though, just like proper families should do at Christmas.


Have a truly Foxes and Crows week people, I look forward, very much, to bumping into some of you between now and then.


Author:  risingofchaos [ 09 Dec 2013, 11:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Good Morning Campers,

I hope this message finds you in fine fetclock and fettle once more I have been defeated by running around the woods and am busted up of knee. However it’s been a great weekend full of banqueting, battling, investigating, drinking and general merriment. The banquet represented the last of our big events of the year and a busy year it has been so far! I am looking forward to a few quiet weeks of standard weekend events before we fly into the madness of next year; so let’s open up with the usual:

Friday was excellent, the banquet panned out really well, the food was outstanding (mmmmm venison), the handouts and props looked aces and Gary was a top notch performer as ever. Belly dancing in RoC – brilliant, the raffle was fun as ever, featuring a pineapple and it was, of course, so good to see a load of old AND new faces at the event. A lot of hard work goes into them for seven hours that we are at the hall and I am always proud of the outcome. Saturday and Sunday seemed to run well apparently, lots of praise was received and gratefully so. I, personally, was a little disappointed with Sunday but I seem to be the only one so it would appear that my brain has set the bar higher for myself then usual! After all that lead in I should finally say THANK YOU

Gary Llewellyn (Banquet Ref), Matt Hussey, Matt Warwick and Helen Robinson you were outstanding as my veil of NPC’s at the Banquet but special thanks really has to go to the Amazing Martin Francis and his work as your chef at the banquet and for immaculately cleaning the kitchen up before he went home enabling us to keep the game going a little longer than usual and of course to his equally amazing wife for the brave display of Belly Dancing for us for the first time in front of so many people. Hats off. For the weekend my thanks go to the still destroyed from the Fort crewfolk: Craig Beadnall, Matt Hussey, Simone Hibbert and Matt Warwick and my non destroyed by the Fort crew of Emily Lomax, Jamie Shipston and Dazz Jones – You were all wicked bad; those Devourites really messed people up.

So last week we managed to write and run two events and a banquet – The v.9.04 Guild handouts are popping up on the refs forums and the final formats for WAGO’s, influence and Area handbooks were finalised. This week, now that the time consuming work on the banquets and Fort events are out of the way for a while I will be able to crack the whip at the handouts, CP work and so forth that you have been waiting for and, more importantly, catch up on some sleep. Moving onto next weekends events:

Please, please, please show your support for the hard work that Helen and Dan have put into the RoC social quiz night – On a personal night; despite seeing you every weekend I feel like I haven’t actually spoken to you in ages.


Saturdays Event is as follows:


Sundays Event goes a little something like this


And of course don’t forget that if you are going to be along on Sunday that we are going to watch the second of the Film’s de la Hobbit in the evening – If you want to go you will HAVE to speak to Dan Foster who is the event organiser in advance.

Anyways – That’s enough of trying to bung up your social calendar – I hope that you all have a foxes and crows week and I look forward to bumping into some of between now and then. Take care


Author:  risingofchaos [ 16 Dec 2013, 09:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Good Morning Campers

I hope this message finds you in fine fetlock and fettle; fatigue and general tiredness after a 110 hrs of work last week have done their work on me I am afraid. However what a great week it was! So hats off, once more, to Dan and Helen for organising the first RoC quiz night and social, that was very wicked bad. To Sarah and Duck for this year’s annual trip to the cinema last night, great evening, good company, reclining chairs and beer and the film was… well the Dragon looked good! Next year seems to promise a lot more of the same in the way of RoC outings for the extended family and that can only be a good thing. Sharbly though, enough of that and let us turn our attentions to the dynamics of the weekend just passed:

Firstly a perm TPK followed by mass death seems to have been offset by the truly heroic endeavours of those involved firstly in preventing the rise of Sennig in his insane yet genius machination even at the cost of their own lives. Then to those that suffered to bring the Myrrigan back into the world and battle the Iya’Mari witches and escape Pardetion. Great couple of events this weekend as we approach the end of the year and we have the few quiet weeks and small events that come with Yule. Soon January and the bigger events will be out and about and ready to rock and roll, hopefully we can all get some well earned sleep before then. However we wouldn't have so much fun without our amazing crew and refs so for this weekend:

My greatest and most appreciated thanks to the peeps involved: Ed-Owen Jones (Twice), Craig Beadnall, Daniel Robinson and Matt Warwick you all worked hard and endured the chilly December air and the infiltrating rain. As I said it was a great couple of days and, particularly, your attention to detail and invention really helped the events run well. Pushing forward to next weekend we have the following events running:

If you want to come and play or crew then let us know asap and we’ll get you sorted out

Last week did the whole events thing, wrote more guild handouts for the new year and, well generally worked and that is the promise for this coming week. Expect to actually see the fruits of this labour in the release weeks in January; all should be good, we’re all very excited, really looking forward to next year; you really are lucky to have such a dedicated and intuitive system team! I certainly am.

Fort Box found – Scoring out as soon as it comes back to me.

I'll try and sort January bookings today as well

As ever on a not the first Monday of the month I will not be about on Skype tonight for any length of time as I really need to get some sleep with another 100+ hour week looming.

Have a foxes and crows week people, I look forward to bumping into some of you between now and then.

Take Care


Author:  risingofchaos [ 23 Dec 2013, 11:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Good Morning Campers,

As ever and always I hope that this message finds you all in fine fetlock and fettle and that as Christmas looms you have all been extremely naughty…..or nice, whatever takes your fancy really. As I sit here watching Star Fleet I’d like to thank everyone for their gifts this Christmas, Star Fleet particularly was a thoughtful gift as was the various pate’s and terrines; I am a very happy system head. So Christmas to Christmas is done and that’s 144 events, we have two more to go and then we can start all over again next year! (I WILL get the bookings for January up today). It was a great weekend, a super busy Sunday all things considered and despite the rain an excellent Saturday full of revelations and Quinn saving malarkey.

As ever the weekend would not have been a weekend without my intrepid crew: Matt Hussey (twice), Matt Warwick (twice) and Adam Whincup (always good to see you), you have my thanks and my highest praise. I think that was one of the best weekends of the year! Plotastic Saturday, I was very proud to see all the threads of stories new and old coming together and the clickety clack of playing minds working everything out. The insanity of Omar, the council of Dragons and the power of the Blue fire made it EVEN more exciting and then the final showdown with the big three spirits and the coming of Ghul made it even better.

Skipping blithely into Sunday; what an outstanding event, one that will live long in my memory I mean, who can forget: The return of the Moomin field, Rampant Lions, The test of the Unrelenting knight, almost a small scuffle over who would marry the witches daughter, comedy battling with Unrelenting Trolls, chucking a different witch in an oven (after being appalled at her cooking methodologies), Great Black Bears, the village of Shoe (a village full of puns (although they were all tongue in cheek….)), the Great RoC Christmas Panto and finally defeat of the Talon’d Father; a Monsterous Red Cap who came down the chimney. All good stuff. Equally thanks for the great night at the pub, the food and all the drinks you are the best bunch of Larpers a System Head could ever want!

So last week the guild handouts continued in their production to be ready for next year, we ran out two events and did a bunch more stuff towards the new website for next year. This week I will be mainly following the same path – Handouts for the New Year and prepping up for next weekends events, I may well take some of Wednesday off before we hit the New Year. This weekend coming we have two events to look forward to:



(Everyone should really come to Gary’s Birthday event (Especially you Gary))

Right that just leaves me to be all festive and wish you a Merry Yule, Happy Christmas, Joyous Festive period and so on and so forth. Whatever you call it try and spend it enjoying yourself, resting up and being with the people that love you. I’ll see some of you next weekend and I look forward to bumping into some of you between then and now.

Take care of yourselves


Author:  risingofchaos [ 31 Dec 2013, 06:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Good Morning Campers,

And that’s 2013. 146 events, 4 forts, 143 players, 4 plot refs, 6 story refs and a High King in a Gillieabad Tree. Every year I come to write this message and it is often full of high praise, we dwell on the greatest points of the year and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. I have to say that this year is no different but perhaps we have done well in the past but not believed in ourselves enough: The creativity and genius of everyone involved in the system this year coupled with the huge influx of players as this year’s word of mouth spread has led to storytelling of a calibre I have not seen here or in many of the other games that I have participated in. The inspirational, heroic, tragic and emotive roleplaying has been breathtaking on all levels. Not only that the standard of Kit, Set Dressing and dedication from the System Team has met with every requirement that I laid down 365 days ago. I am, needless to say extremely proud of you all and am overwhelmed by the height of the bar that we have set for ourselves next year.

It would be hard for me to honestly pick out the greatest hits of 2013, impossible if I am realistic; Soul Anchor, all ten days of it, absolutely overshadowed any storytelling I have ever achieved before: Watching the players walking back to the cars in stunned silence and then to sit in that same silence in the debrief, no-one able to speak, only a few tears here and there was epic and summed up the impact of that storyline perfectly. Each of the Forts however was brilliant in its own way – Gary’s “The Threads of the Fates of Ages” was incredibly detailed, clever and carried abundant beautiful props and set dressing. “Tharinos” was Tharinos. “Hate Filled Murmurs” was an excellent RoC horror event and Matt Hussey leaping out of a box, in the dark, in his evil clown gear will long be ingrained n the memories of thirty odd larpers. Finally “Something Borrowed”, a great story but will be remembered mainly for the excellent Inn, The Dangling Monk, which took the players fully and immersively into the “escape tunnels” below the Wedding Keep, I honestly thought that fifty people were going to spend their time in that building for the entire event (Plus no-one knew who was an NPC and who was a player).

However, if you step away from all of those really, really big impact bits and pieces, the coming of the High King, the return of the Blue Fire Prophets, the war against the Hukerith, Quinn the bringer of Death and, well, 145 other events I would have to plump for The Dark and Distant Throne. I thoroughly enjoyed that stand alone event, great all the way through, classic RoC high fantasy and heroics, moral dilemmas, deep and strong backstory that touched a lot of the elements that make Vaklam a great place to event in. It was finished off by a classic standoff between the players as they deliberated what to do with that throne. So yeah, as a standalone that was my favourite and it still stands out deliciously in my mind.

Well that’s my rambling getting in my way. Sorry all. So I hope that this message finds you all in fine fetlock and fettle and that you all had an excellent weekend and Christmas. To those that were concerned about my inability to stand up due to damage to my knee it is getting better everyday and I am told that it will be back to full function with some rest. I had a great weekend, both were excellent from the plot rampaging of Saturday and the romp that was Gary’s Birthday event on Sunday. So my thanks to all the crew: Matt Hussey (Twice), Matt Warwick (Twice), Jamie Shipston (Twice), Nick Lavies, Ed Owen Jones and Craig Beadnall. You were all aces, especially my two A-Refs great job guys.

And back to the year thing. As promised we revamped and play tested all of the rules for version nine, admittedly with all of the events this did take all year, but the new rules are up and ready to rock and roll. Equally throughout the year we have been developing the new guild handouts, area updates and everything else to go with the rules. So our promise to you this year is for more of the same story wise – we intend to keep up the standards and to introduce the new refs to the game as we go. I should be running no more than 4-6 games a month whilst the other senior refs and story refs take a lot of the burden off of my weary shoulders. The system will also be continuing its investment in new kit and props from some new company called LARPtronics. We have five Forts next year some new sites and a lot of verve and vigour….well maybe not that last part.

Moving onto a more local Time Frame – This weekend there are two events as usual; if you are coming along please make your mark here or on the Forums:



Equally we will be producing Guild handouts between this statement and the next one as we start the release of all of our work from 2013.

So from this week I will mainly be writing an event, finishing off guild handouts, looking at the ideas we have for the rest of Daer Akmir and approaching the building of the new website to supplement the downtime system!

Right; that’s enough from me except to say:

I hope that you have all had an excellent 2013 from my point of view I have had an excellent year with you all. I wish you all the best in your coming endeavours for 2014 and that those endeavours find you and all those that you care about and for in excellent health and well looked after. Have a Foxes and Crows week, I look forward to bumping into some of you between now and then.

If you want to add any thoughts on the year, especially any praise for all of my crew and system people that would be appreciated.



Author:  risingofchaos [ 06 Jan 2014, 15:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Good Afternoon Campers,

I hope that this message finds you in fine fetlock and fettle and that you all had an excellent if blustery weekend. My apologies for the lateness of this missive, it’s been a busy day! Our 17th year has kicked off and despite illness and the weather it wasn’t too bad at all. So my thanks to Matt Hussey for his first day in the big chair reffing – Good job. Equally to Matt Warwick, Simone HIbbert and Kevin Pothecary (Who get out of bed specially to take the kit to the site (and me)). Massive thanks should really go to the new to RoC Rob Willets – Thank you for stepping in when the person driving the crew became unavailable. It meant that we could get all the crew to the site – You sir are a star. So in short – Welcome onboard Rob, Well done Matt and thanks to everyone, especially Kevin who got up to take me to the site.

Last week I spent most of my time throwing up into a bucket BUT I managed to get 5 new guild handouts onto the refs forums and our first one should be released at tonight’s Skype meeting – Be there or be somewhere completely different. Tonight I/C channel will be open, I for one would like to have a think about the return trip to speak with the Barjain house under corruption. The Main channel will be open to the new handouts, influence rules and thoughts about what big games we might be attending as a group this year, immersion, latest episodes of Sherlock, that kind of thing. I should in from around 7 and will be on till around 12-1am. I will allow five open channels to me and the one or two in the refs channel if you need to chat to us but that’s the queue. No one in a channel for more than 30 minutes or I won’t get through things. Happy to sort out personal or character issues. Find scores that kind of thing.

Next weekend we have two events – Both are going to be, as ever, aces and may well feature new LARPtronics kit! If you want to play or crew follow the usual methods, if we get enough crew for Sun I may even play, who knows?
Last week I mainly died in a corner but Guild Handouts were achieved (Results tonight) and this week we’ll keep the yearly updates coming and write and run two events.

If you want to start sorting out the Fort event numbers and getting payment across that would be aces.

Have a Foxes and Crows week people and I look forward to bumping into a few of you between then and now.



Author:  risingofchaos [ 03 Feb 2014, 12:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Good Morning Campers,

For a shock opening statement I’ll kick off with: I hope that this message finds you in fine fetlock and fettle and that those of you who did not join us at RoC this weekend had a most excellent weekend. We had a corker diving in and out of the woods, battling bad guys and fighting sedition, also watching trees get blown over, not getting rained on (which was aces) and welcomed a new ref into the fold with a glorious event and oodles of story. Now, without further ado, let us skip heartily into the thanks and praise!

So, despite a host of no shows for the crew on Saturday making our job extremely difficult the three of us pulled off an event written for twice that number and I think we did it extremely well. The Orders of the Craft from Penvash were excellent, Keflo’s were exciting, Revenants were scary and then Uptown Talkers, T’others and all the other craziness that comes from the people of Arodan and finally the tomb of the Angelus. To all those other two that helped bring that to life my great and heartfelt thanks; bows to Matt Hussey and Jamie Shipston. Sunday bought a new ref and new challenges which I think were met perfectly: A good story was supported by some outstanding set dressing and costumery and well thought out and believable supporting characters. Great job from Emily Lomax it was an intriguing jaunt through the wilds of Rhygahrea and some exemplary hard work on carting the kit about, setting those scenes etc from Matt Hussey (again) and James Eley. Well done to all involved.

We are all still working hard at this end moving through the projects etc. One thing I’ll centre on right now is that people seem to be missing lots of end of event awards (piety, flux, items, influence et al). All of the event sheets are sat next to me, ready to be filed away but obviously if people need such things I will give them out. I am happy to make that a duty for Skype tonight as it is the first Monday of the Month and I will be about. Hit me up for scores and what not and I will pass on what I have.

With regards to this week we are running three events – Thursdays event is a closed one solely for the reason that the players involved are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Saturday and Sunday crew and players are welcomed!

Book in, come along, game on.

Equally a month to the Fort to go – This event is designed for about 10-15 players tops rather than a whole host, I’d like to approach those numbers if possible.


So the week begins, I hope it all runs smoothly for you and that all have an absolutely Foxes and Crows time, I look forward to seeing some of you at the events this week and bumping into even more of you between now and then. Hopefully catch up with all of you on Skype.


Author:  risingofchaos [ 10 Feb 2014, 13:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Good Afternoon Campers,

How you doing people? I hope that this message finds you in fine fettle and fetlock and that you all had an excellent weekend. Sadly this will only be a brief handful of words as I am extremely pressed for time today/this week/possibly forever! Three excellent player groups and Three excellent crews receive my thanks for a great week last week: So to the crew – Mike Roberts, Matt Hussey (twice), Matt Warwick (twice), Jamie Shipston, Dazz Jones (twice) salutes, tea, biscuits and medals all round and my gratitude for all the hard work in the High winds of the weekend. Thank the Lords of keeping us dry that it only really rained on one day for Fifth Duchies investigation, the Faith of Karid Ren, Red Caps and Trolls, Torakaylins, Frozen North investigations and lots of praise all round. Everyone seemed to have a really good time: I and hopefully the crew were made to feel that we had shown you all a really good time, that sense of appreciation is why we run around the wood so thankyou very much for the love, kind words and beers!

This week we will……be working really hard, you’ve seen your character packs, the upgrades to all of your lammies and so on and so forth. Most of you have also read through the drafts of the guild handouts that we have bought along for you to read before we release them, thanks even more for the praise there. We’ll release those this week, we’re writing some more prestige classes and we have a lot of work to do getting the weapons, shields, armour and general kit repaired. We will also be making up the new cards for your kit and populating the character packs further. Fort prep begins this week and we hope to be trialing some of the new LARPtronics kit there so it should look very pretty!

The events for this weekend look to be double wicked cool, Unless I get more crew (and I need more crew anyway) I can’t take any more folk on the Saturday event (More crew would be aces) but if you do want to book in and do stuff on Sat/Sun let me know:




And don’t forget the Fort Event

So on with the show. I will not be about on Skype tonight I am afraid and would appreciate it if any questions could be left to priority only as as the week is likely to be full of 20 hour days as a minimum without answering the usual amount of RoC related Skype and FB Questions that we usually get. Cheers all.

As usual folks have a Foxes and Crows week people, I look forward to seeing some of you at the weekend and bumping into others between now and then.

Stay safe all.


Author:  risingofchaos [ 03 Mar 2014, 12:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Message

Good Afternoon Campers,

I hope that this message finds you all in fine fetlock and fettle and that your weekend was a fine and entertaining one. For our part the woods were dry and full of larping, March marched in and spring was sprung if only for a few days. As ever I would like to thank the crew that crewed and the players that played so to my loyal band of player entertainers, Matt Hussey (twice), Matt Warwick (twice) and Dazz Jones I offer up my supplications of thanks and gratitude for a job well jobbed. A great weekend of entertainment in Tae and fun in the Frozen North was had by all as matters of great and deep development occurred.

This week we look ahead to the first of our big events of the year at Fort Widley the full burb for which is here:


Don’t forget also that the tradition of the crew curry will continue as ever post event:


So for your benefit Matthew and I continued our fine works in the office last week (now with working pc (well sort of)) and managed to achieve the following exciting list of stuff and things:
• Put away the kit
• Processed the Event sheets
• Written the MMM
• Written up the weekend events
• Hoovered the Office
• Made our strength posts on the forum
• Completed but not proof read the Outriders guild
• Written the following prestige classes
o Diplomat
o Ambassador
o Physician
o Scholar
o Thief/Rogue/Smuggler
o Ships Captain
• Sorted March Bookings
• Written the full Fort Plot and Maps
• Made a full Fort Post
• Written Two events
• Run Two events
• Written new scrolls
• Made Laminate character Cards
• Printed and laminated the new Armour cards
• Contacted and dealt with thirty six player inquiries and character development.

This week we will have be dealing with final prep for the Forts, the finalisation of Character Packs for the Forts and running........the Forts.

Right to work then – I hope that you all have a Foxes and Crows week I look forward to seeing a lot of you at the weekend and bumping into others of you between now and then.

Take Care


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