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All players - You experience this -
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Author:  risingofchaos [ 24 Jan 2018, 10:34 ]
Post subject:  All players - You experience this -

On the 21st day of Snowmelt in the year of 2018, for one moment, the world felt different. No matter who you were and what you were doing you felt a connection to each other that cannot be explained. Through your eyes could be seen the streets of Haven and far distant vistas unseen by Basanic or Rhygahrean eyes. The smell of the air of distant shores, the baying of Daemons in the Shadowed Lands, the touch of fire upon the flesh of the Zaek Haqire, all were experienced. Central to all views were twelve people, hazy in an after image, standing, focussed around a great black power. In that moment you were all things in all times and all places. Like an idea, inchoate, just out of reach.



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